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Lavish Mattress, Inc.

Lavish™ Metro Hybrid Mattress

Lavish™ Metro Hybrid Mattress

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Snuggle into the Sweet Spot with the Lavish™ Metro Hybrid Mattress!

Say hello to blissful nights and cheerful mornings with the 12-inch Lavish™ Metro Hybrid Mattress, available in your choice of plush or firm!

Cool Vibes Only with the ThermoBalance® Cover: Wrapped in a super-cool ThermoBalance® Cover, it keeps the sleeping climate cozy and fresh, so you can say goodbye to those sweaty nights.

Sleep Steady with the 8” Quantum Edge® Coil System: With our clever 8-inch Quantum Edge® Coil System, move as you please without sending a wave to the other side of the bed. It's peaceful sleep, uninterrupted.

Sink into 2" of Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Ready for a hug from 2 inches of our gel-infused memory foam? It cradles you softly while keeping things cool all through the night.

Smooth Moves with Adjustable Base Compatibility: Like to switch things up? This mattress dances smoothly with nearly any adjustable base, giving you all the right angles!

Tuck into a realm where cozy dreams and innovative support play in perfect harmony. With the Lavish™ Metro Hybrid Mattress, every snooze is a step into a cloud of tranquility.

Now available in RV sizes for your trailer or motorhome.  Short Queen RV Hybrid Mattress and Short King Hybrid Mattress for an upgraded amazing sleep in your RV or motorhome.

Made in the USA.  10 Year Warranty.

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